About me

Hi. I'm Trevor. Welcome to my Creative Bytes image portfolio.

Photography and abstract / fine art are a hobby for me. I'm just beginning my journey in photography. I enjoy experimenting making artistic and digital abstract images when time allows. This is a place for me to share an eclectic mix of my favourite images and photographs.

I'm particularly interested in abstract images, textures, perspective, nature, macro and close-up, unusual angles and crops, black and white images, vibrant images, surreal images and fine art. I also love sunsets, sunrises and magnificent landscapes.


About the photos

I manipulate some photos with false vibrant colour and sometimes I use post processing techniques to create some of the artwork and abstracts. I know my style will not be to everyone's taste, but I hope you enjoy the images anyway.

All photos on this portfolio are © all rights reserved. Please do not use any of my images on websites, blogs, print or any other media without my explicit permission.


Current Kit

  • Canon EOS500D
  • 18-55mm lens (non IS)
  • 75-300mm telephoto lens (non IS)
  • Macro attachment for the telephoto lens
  • Tripod


See Many more of my images at 500px

You can view many more of my images and experiments at http://500px.com/Creabytes


About this site

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